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Happy Tools

Distributed teams, changing business needs, and complex dynamics are redefining the workday. Happy Tools makes it possible for your office to run smoothly, no matter what it looks like or who makes it…More

Cardhop for iOS

One of my favorite developers, Flexibits, has released their newest app called Cardhop. Cardhop was already on the Mac and I love it. Managing contacts is one of those things that just kind of sucks.…More

It’s Time to Quit Facebook

A few months ago, I deleted both my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Facebook was pretty easy; there wasn’t much happening on there that mattered to me. Most of my remaining family was busy resharing…More

OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock 4/5 stars

OWC provided me this product for review at no cost. All opinions are mine and have had no editorial input from OWC. A Thunderbolt 3 dock is a necessity if you have a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.…More

The Cost of a Centralized Web

DHH on Signal v. Noise: Writing for us is not a business, in any direct sense of the word. We write because we have something to say, not to make money off page views, advertisements, or subscriptions. If…More

4 Things I Miss About Mac

Four years later, and Dave Rupert is still on Windows. I honestly feel he doesn’t stay out of obligation—he prefers it. His example reminds me that attaching one’s identity to a company is foolish. After all,…More

Become a Facebook-Free Business

I’m glad that the irony of writing this post on Medium isn’t lost on DHH. That aside, I agree. At this point, a business that decides not to associate itself with Facebook (or it’s other brands) is a business I…More

What Happened to 5K Displays?

I’ve covered this before. It’s been almost two years since then, and nothing much has changed. I figured display manufacturers would jump on the 5K and Thunderbolt 3 train, but evidently not. Can’t wait to see…More

Tesla's Autopilot Now Changes Lanes

Jack Stewart writing for Wired: Every Tesla built since the end of 2016 comes with eight cameras around the car, a radar behind the front bumper, and ultrasonic proximity sensors embedded into the front and…More

Things 3 for Mac and iOS 4.5/5 stars

Things 3 on iPad I’ve never been a fan of to-do apps. I don’t use them. People everywhere seem to swear by these things. There’s much talk about the whole GTD mentality, and what app is the best…More

Meltdown and Spectre

Ben Thompson writing about the Meltdown and Spectre processor vulnerabilities: Faced with a fundamental imbalance (data fetch slowness versus execution speed), processor engineers devised an ingenious…More

Movies Anywhere Now Goes Beyond Disney

Dan Moren on Six Colors: Movies Anywhere promises a pretty sizable library, though there are still holdouts—Paramount being the largest, along with other significant players like Lionsgate. But the service…More

Wirecutter, but for Everything

Jacqui Cheng: Since The Wirecutter was founded in 2011 and The Sweethome in 2013, we haven’t wavered from our mission to help people effortlessly choose and buy the stuff they need in order to live a better…More

I Bought a Camera

After debating whether I should buy a DSLR for almost a year, I finally decided last week that I was going to pull the trigger. If you like geeking out about gear like me, here’s the list of things I’m…More

Hello, I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC

Or, an alternate sub-title: A long time Mac user and web developer’s perspective on the current state of Windows vs. macOS Once upon a time when I was about seventeen, when I thought I was going to write…More

Week in Review: March 10, 2017

Greetings, you fine-looking people! This week was a busy one with a lot of news. I didn’t have enough time to write about each of them so I’m putting them all together in one post á la Katie Floyd. Here are…More

My Favorite TextExpander Snippets

One of the reasons I love technology is tinkering with it to make my life easier. I’m constantly automating tasks so I can either do them faster, or not have to worry about them at all. I felt writing a series…More

Sync Two Google Calendars with Zapier

So here’s the problem: you’ve got a personal calendar and a work calendar, but you want both to be in sync. Googling how to do this is practically useless. Mostly, you’ll find articles or support posts on…More

Defining a Microblog Post

Some of you may have heard of Manton Reece’s Indie Microblogging Kickstarter. If you haven’t, check it out. We need to start moving away from Twitter, people; it’s mostly toxic waste. I emailed Manton to ask if…More

Simple Rolls Out Shared Bank Accounts

Online banking service Simple is today rolling out a new product: shared accounts. However, unlike joint checking accounts typically shared by spouses, Simple’s shared accounts work differently. Fi 👏🏽 na…More

Hello Again World

Jen Simmons: I worry about Twitter. The company doesn’t care about things I care about. It will do whatever it needs to for the money it wants. It might go away. It might get even worse. By outsourcing our…More

Slack-style Emoji Everywhere on Mac

Chris Gonzales on The Sweet Setup: Back in early July (2016), Australian designer and developer Matthew Palmer released Rocket, a Mac app that gives you Slack-style emoji autocomplete everywhere you type on…More

Autonomous SmartDesk

Ben Brooks: When I last wrote about sit-stand electric desks, I took a look at the Jarvis desk — at the time one of the cheapest desks you could get, while still getting a very quality product. I left that…More

Shush App 4/5 stars

Yes, this is the app you’ve been looking for. Using it is incredibly easy, and forget having to search for the tab the Google Hangout is on, wait for controls to appear on hover,1More

The Trouble with Twitter

David Sparks commenting on this BuzzFeed article: I don’t buy Twitter’s claim that they’re worried about lawsuits. Most people on the Internet have the ability to kick somebody off their website or service…More

Why I Quit Twitter

Jonathan Weisman writing for The New York Times: For weeks, I had been barraged on Twitter by rank anti-Semitic comments, Nazi iconography of hooknosed Jews stabbing lovely Christians in the back, the gates…More

More Contributions on Your Profile

Sarah Vessels on the GitHub blog: Earning green squares on your contribution graph means celebrating the work you do in open source and public projects. Starting today, you can also celebrate the work you…More

Human Solution Uplift Desk 4.5/5 stars

I’ve worked from home for about 6 years. In that time, I’ve invested real money into my office for about two. I’m grateful I did, and wish I would’ve started sooner. A few years ago, I bought myself a Herman…More

Nylas Pro

Michael Grinich on the Nylas Blog: Today we’re announcing a premium version of N1 that is both affordable for our users and will cover server costs. It follows an old idea: you pay us money every month, and…More

Federico Viticci Switches to Airmail

Federico Viticci on MacStories: I’ve switched to Airmail as my full-time email app on the iPhone and iPad. While Airmail doesn’t necessarily reinvent email as we know it, Bloop has built a solid email…More

TextExpander 6 and

Michael Tsai: The new service makes it really easy to share snippets with other people, and it sounds like there are big plans for more team/collaborative features in future versions. This is really cool,…More

Some Changes Here at Macminicolo

Brian Stucki: Now, I could just announce this with no explanation and be done with it. I could also write one of those generic acquisition posts focused on sunsets and brands and blah. Instead, I’ll be…More

Dave Goes Back to Mac for 20 Minutes

Uncle Dave: When I opened up my Macbook I hadn’t charged it in weeks or months, but instantly the screen came on and there was still 54% battery. I couldn’t help but contrast this to my Surface which takes…More

Fantastical Version 2.2 Ships

David Sparks: Today Flexibits released version 2.2 of Fantastical for the Mac. They could’ve easily named this update version 3.0. There are a lot of new features in this update… If you are on the fence…More

The Best Third-Party Email App for iOS

Bradley Chambers writing for The Sweet Setup: Email apps are highly personal. Everyone manages their email differently. For some, it’s a to-do list. For others, it’s a temporary holding place until emails…More

Alfred Version 3

From the Alfred blog: This week, Alfred celebrates his 6th birthday. While eating birthday cake is always exciting, it’s with even greater excitement that we can finally announce that Alfred version 3 is on…More

Spark Launches on iPad

Federico Viticci: With all the email clients we’ve seen launch to great promise and eventually be abandoned for something else, it’s difficult to make the case that Spark will be around for years to come…More

Day One 2 Review

Jake Underwood writing for MacStories: Is Day One 2 worth the purchase? I think so. Even though its functionality centers around text editing, it offers so many other features that are worth checking out.…More

Finding Good Content

Ben Brooks on how difficult it is to find good content: There’s piles of shit every where you look, which you have to sift through item by item in order to find something decent — it’s even more work to…More

Buying Event Tickets Is a Sham

Sam Thielman reporting for The Guardian: Want to know why you can’t get tickets for Adele at Madison Square Garden in September without auctioning a kidney? New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman knows…More

Ex-Yelp Employee Writes Letter to CEO

Talia Jane: Will you pay my phone bill for me? I just got a text from T-Mobile telling me my bill is due. I got paid yesterday ($733.24, bi-weekly) but I have to save as much of that as possible to pay my…More

On Managing Links

First off, let’s just acknowledge how #firstworldproblem-sy this is. They’re just links right? But I come across a lot of stuff on the web, and there’s some of it that I need to categorize. Links usually fall…More

Twitter Implies Their Ads Suck

Matt Gemmell on what he’s calling “tiered social media”: There are problems with that approach, the main one being the tacit admission that their ads are detrimental. If you’re rewarding people by reducing…More

Follow the Links

Mandy Brown on what happens when an app tries to keep you within that app: Because what Twitter (or Facebook, or Apple, or whomever) is also doing when they bring the web to users’ feeds, rather than…More

The Gray Gray Ghost That I Call Home

Chris Coyier nails it: Discussions are always worth having. Weighing options is always interesting. Demonstrating what has worked (and what hasn’t) for you is always useful. There are ways to communicate…More

What The Ad Blocker Debate Reveals

Jean-Louis Gassée on the Monday Note: We feel cheated and rightly so. As users, we understand that we’re not really entitled to free browsing; we pay our bills with our selves: When The Product Is Free, We…More

Unboxing the Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

I recorded an unboxing video for the Sony MDR-7506 headphones. I had used these headphones before when I worked at my college radio station. Interestingly, although less expensive, they’re an upgrade from the…More

On The Verge

Jeremy Keith: If the message coming down from above is that performance concerns and business concerns are fundamentally at odds, then I just don’t know how the developers are ever going to create a culture…More

Sonos Play:1 4/5 stars

Sonos is widely regarded as a premier speaker system for your home. Their newest product, the Play:1, is their most affordable one, and could potentially get more people into the Sonos ecosystem. First…More

Chris Bowler on Ulysses

Look and feel are important to me when writing. Ulysses and iA Writer both do this well. But I must admit I like that Ulysses allows me to organize my writing, as well as write. Where iA Writer has to be…More


Ben Brooks on The Brooks Review: In the end, I just emailed the files to myself and read them, finally, on my iPad. Insanity. Ben perfectly articulates a regular problem I have. I hope hand-off—as…More

Pocket Casts Gets an Update

Shifty Jelly updated Pocket Casts to version 5 today, and with that, two of our awesome shows on Goodstuff were featured in the post. Here’s what Chris had to say: Maybe some­day I’ll become blasé about…More

Sam Soffes Releases Whiskey Beta

Whiskey is a new Markdown editor that Sam has been working on. I got in on the beta quite early because I love his work. Whiskey is looking to be an awesome app, and Sam has been updating almost daily…More

First Thoughts on Incipio NGP 5/5 stars

As I said last week, I was going to order a Incipio NGP Case for my new iPhone 6. I’ve only had it three days, which isn’t enough time to write a thorough review, but just enough time for me to tell you that I…More

MacStories Reviews Fantastical 2.2

Federico Viticci writing on MacStories: With version 2.2, Flexibits has built a powerful share extension that brings the full Fantastical interface to any app that can share text and links. From Safari,…More

‘App Rot’

Marco Arment: The app market is becoming a mature, developed industry, with vastly increased commoditization compared to its early days. Competition is ubiquitous, relentless, and often shameless, even in…More

Updating My RSS Setup

Back in June, I wrote a post on my RSS consumption setup. The setup has changed a little, so I wanted to write an updated version that I can point people to. When I wrote the first post, there were a couple of…More

Stay Organized with Bartender

Stephen Hackett writes a concise review of Bartender, and why it’s The Sweet Setup’s best app for keeping the menu bar organized. I’m a huge fan of Bartender. Because I normally prefer menu bar apps, things…More

Yahoo’s ‘Year in Review’ Report

Ken Yeung on The Next Web: Are there any shockers in the top searches of 2013? What may come as no surprise to some people is that Miley Cyrus takes the top spot, followed by Kim Kardashian, and American…More

The Sweet Setup

Shawn Blanc launched a new site last week, called The Sweet Setup. I’ve always payed close attention to Shawn’s app recommendations, but creating a site just for these is a great idea. …More

Twitter Tests Cleaner Web Design

Darrell Etherington on TechCrunch: Twitter is testing a new website design, which opts for a lighter, flat design that seems at least partly inspired by its shift to similar design trends on mobile. This…More

Rules of Tech Journalism

Harry Marks: Things have gotten out of hand. Tech writers are given far too much freedom to perpetuate inaccuracies and falsehoods, as well as a generous helping of incompetence these days. That’s why it’s…More

MetaLab Launches Peak

Matt Pearson: Being micromanaged by robots is no better than by humans. This kind of stats-obsessed moronity breeds a toxic workplace. I couldn’t agree more. Although this product might have been created…More

Tapbots Launches New Tweetbot

While I admire all the hard work that went in creating this new version of Tweetbot, I can’t help be a little disappointed. The app has lost much of its personality; both visually and sonically. The new app has…More

Microsoft Talks Apple iPads and iWork

Frank Shaw on The Official Microsoft Blog: Surface and Surface 2 both include Office, the world’s most popular, most powerful productivity software for free and are priced below both the iPad 2 and iPad Air…More

Square Cash Makes Sending Money Easy

To use Square Cash, all you do is compose an email to a friend, type the amount you way to pay in the subject title, and cc If it’s your first time using the service, you’re directed to…More

Sonos Announces the Play:1

Dan Seifert from The Verge: Compared to the similarly priced Jambox, the Play:1 is considerably louder, crisper, and more present. The more expensive Big Jambox offers a wider range and better separation…More

Eric Schmidt Tells Jokes

Eric Schmidt is apparently quite the jokester. When told that some don’t find Android secure, Schmidt responded, “Not secure? It’s more secure than the iPhone.” Good one, dude. …More

1Password 4 for Mac 4/5 stars

1Password is one of my favorite apps. The amount of time it has saved me is unmeasurable, and it’s made my password strategy secure and delightful. For those of you who don’t know about 1Password, it’s a great…More

An Argument for

Chris Enns: The peo­ple who scoff at App​.net and won­der “why do we need another Twit­ter?” are missing the point. Actu­ally, they’re miss­ing the point of the inter­net. There’s plenty of room for another…More

BlackBerry Receives Buyout Offer

BlackBerry has officially filed a letter with Canadian holding company Fairfax Financial, an offer that could lead to it returning to private ownership. This could be a good thing for them. I remember when…More