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Jeremy Fuksa is a unicorn

I had the great honor of having Jeremy Fuksa on Away from Keyboard. We talked about the difficult times he’s endured the past few years while running his business, dealing with anxiety and depression, and how…More

Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now

Heavyweight playing in Overcast Not only do I produce podcasts for a living at Changelog Media, I happen to be a big fan of them too. If you’re looking for new things to listen to, here’s a list…More

Suz Hinton Says Find Your Allies

From my description on Almost eight years ago, Suz Hinton made one of the biggest decisions of her life: move away from her home in Melbourne, Australia and move to the United States. After…More

Introducing Night Owl

We are super excited to launch Night Owl today with a brand new show, Retake, and a brand new episode of an existing show brought over to Night Owl, Top Brew. As our about page says, Night Owl is a…More

Make Money From Your Tiny Podcast

Justin Jackson: The general consensus right now is that if your show doesn’t have 30,000 – 50,000 downloads per month, you can’t get any sponsor to look at you seriously. To really get the big advertisers…More

Welcome to ‘For The Record’

The premiere of my new show, For The Record, is only a few days away! I’m so excited, and I really hope you like it. Until then, you can listen to the preview, and find out what I plan this show to be all…More

Happy National Radio Day!

There’s only an hour left in National Radio Day, but I wanted to post a little something I made for it. Radio is a hugely powerful medium, and it’s impact and ability to tell stories grows stronger and…More

Relay FM

Today is an exciting day. My friends, Stephen Hackett and Myke Hurley, have announced their new project: Relay FM. Relay FM is their new network, that will house some of their classic shows, and a few new…More