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Morning Coffee

I’ve been trying to take at least one picture a day. Making coffee in the morning always makes for some great photos. If you’re curious to see how I brew coffee with the Chemex, I made a video just…More

Spring Day in the Pool

There was a winter storm in Minnesota today. All of our friends and family living there couldn’t help themselves from sending us photos. We sent them these. Camera: Sony α7 III Lens: Sony FE 85mm…More


I haven’t been very public about this, but I was going through a severe bout of seasonal depression. We were living in a basement apartment in one of the coldest places you can live: Minnesota. Add to that the…More

Culture Is What You Do

Shawn Blanc: If you were to look at the amount of work you are doing, and the pace at which you doing that work, would it be something you would still want to be doing in 20 years from now? Anybody can…More

AMPed Creations Etsy Shop

My good friend, Abi, just launched her all-new Etsy shop. She’s selling hoodies, t-shirts, tote bags, and even mugs! Check it out and help support my friend and her new business. …More

Andy Baio's Eulogy for His Dad

I’m going to give my dad the last word, by reading from the end of his will, a message that he addressed directly to all of you — the people who meant so much to him in his life. Here’s what he wrote: …More

January in Oceanside

This past Friday, Kelly and I left our Minnesota home and embarked on a three-day road trip to Oceanside, CA. Oceanside will be our home for the next month as we try to get away from the cold and enjoy a…More

2018: Year in Review

Due to depression, 2018 has been difficult for me. But reflecting on the year has helped me remember all the fun and great experiences I’ve had. This is my annual write-up where I share some of the highlights…More

My Parents' 28th Anniversary

My parents celebrated their 28th anniversary this November. They don’t have many pictures of just the two of them, so I offered to take some photos for them. They seemed to really enjoy it. Camera: Sony α7…More

The Person Dave Rupert Wants to Be

Dave Rupert on his personal blog: I had a slew of vociferous tech industry blog posts queued up, but luckily I feel like caught myself going down a bad path(sic). I realized that wasn’t the kind of blogger…More


Kelly and I spent a beautiful four days in London this past week. Modern travel (while cramped and uncomfortable) is a marvel. The idea that we were half way across the world just a few days ago is nothing…More

Colorado with The Prados

We went with some friends to Colorado to scope it out. We’ve been thinking of moving out of Minnesota, and Colorado was a possible destination. After seeing it for ourselves, that was definitely confirmed. It’s…More

Kevin Love and My Own Anxiety

Kevin Love wrote this wonderful piece on acknowledging his anxiety and getting help from a therapist. His story and recollection of events made me cry. See, I also suffer of anxiety, and Kevin described…More

Rising Early

Ben Brooks on The Brooks Review: I really love ‘life hacking’ articles, specifically how they are based on sample sizes of one, often from people who have literally never tried anything else. (e.g. “I was…More

Caribbean Cruise: Winter 2018

I’m back from our family cruise, and holy moly did that week go by quick! Eighteen members of my family and Kelly’s went on this amazing cruise. I took my camera on the trip, so I’ll share some of my favorite…More

2017: Year in Review

I’ve heard that as you get older, time goes by faster. I definitely felt that this year. As with most years there were good times and bad, here are some of the highlights. Becoming Canadians… Not! …More

Why ‘The Best’ is Important

Ben Brooks on The Brooks Review: I search for, and try to buy, the best of each item I use extensively because I don’t like to be annoyed by the things I use often. This is the deciding factor for me, but…More

My New Gig

For the past month or so, I’ve been working as a designer and frontend developer for Mealthy. Mealthy is a startup company whose mission is make cooking healthier food easy. The site has tons of awesome and…More

Vacation to Las Vegas

Dear Reader, On Sunday, I’ll be traveling to Las Vegas for a week. While we’re in the area, we’re going to visit the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, but most importantly, In-N-Out. For the uninitiated, In-N-Out…More

It Isn't Millennials Who Are Entitled

Rachel Hosie writes on some thoughts from author and motivational speaker Brian Sinek: And another problem is that we’ve been brought up to focus on having a healthy work/life balance - “the message is…More

Wait, You Don’t Control Your Calendar?

Jason Fried on controlling your calendar: As many people know — and as I didn’t — in most companies people don’t really control their own time. Everyone can see everyone else’s calendar, and people can pick…More

The Outwork Myth

Jason Fried: People make it because they’re talented, they’re lucky, they’re in the right place at the right time, they know how to work with other people, they know how to sell, they know what moves…More

I Like to Teach

For years, I’ve loved teaching what I learn. I believe it to be my duty to help others, as I’ve been helped. It’s one of the main reasons I started The Bold Report, it’s the reason I created Tim Likes to…More

2016: Year in Review

While it may be cliché to say that the year flew by, it doesn’t make it any less true. In what has become a great tradition, I’d love to share some highlights from 2016. Becoming Cat People (Again) Two years…More

Shaping Your Job Search

Tara Mann: I recently spent a few weeks serial interviewing. I spoke to around 20 companies in the span of about a month and damn it was exhausting. I knew early on that I needed to add structure to my job…More

Our Caribbean Cruise

I’ve never been on a cruise. I’d always been nervous to do it. Watching Kurt Russell die in Poseidon freaked the hell out of me. Plus, I sometimes get motion…More

Goodbye ACL

My last day is tomorrow, Nov 29. I had so much fun working at ACL, and had the chance to work on some really cool stuff: I worked on adding or improving at least 10 features to Results Manager, which is…More

Visualizing a Job Search

Kelly Sutton: Today, I start a new job at Gusto. This concludes the most comprehensive search I’ve done for a new job. My job search lasted a total of 35 days from start to signed offer letter. … In…More

We Own You

Justin Jackson: Increasingly, companies are demanding cult-like devotion. Do whatever it takes; sacrifice whatever you’ve got. It’s no longer enough to punch in, put in a solid day’s work, and go home. Now,…More

Focused on the Grass

Chris Bowler: I’ve noticed an issue with our young industry. I’m not sure of the exact problem, but the symptom is this: people rarely stay at a job for long periods of time. Chris is right, most people…More


Ben Brooks: You should be confident in what you do, but know that failure can still happen — and failure is not good. That’s how you avoid failure itself — by seeing it as possible, and correcting mistakes…More

I'm an Impostor

David Walsh: If you’re reading this post, you probably aren’t an impostor, because… You believe you might be an impostor — those who think they’re experts are anything but, those who know they…More

Working Remotely

Jonathan Snook: I’ve been fortunate over the past decade to have been able to, in various capacities, work from home—or work in place, as some like to call it. First as a freelancer, then Yahoo!, then again…More

Don’t Listen to the Experts

Chris Enns: You know the advice you hear from so-called experts that shuts you down? The stuff that stops you from moving forward with a hobby or an idea? You can’t record a podcast unless you have a $300…More

Our One Year Anniversary

I don’t know what was said or done, but apparently we found it hilarious You might’ve noticed the site went dark this week. Last Monday, May 9, was my one year wedding anniversary with the most…More

On Standing Up for Yourself

Nicole Dominguez: If a potential employer or company wants to pay you less because you’re young and “have less expenses”, demand that you get paid what you deserve. A killer post from Nicole. When it…More

Kit Kats Fresh From the Factory

When I first read Casey’s post on buying chocolate directly from the Hershey’s Factory, I was skeptical. Back in 2015, they were doing a run of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Casey had this to say: Though…More

Traveling Light: Underwear

Ben Brooks: The underwear are all synthetic and comfortable to wear. They are moisture wicking, claim to be anti-bacterial, and anti-stink I guess as well. None of this matters to me on a practical level,…More

What Will They Say About Me?

Dan Delauro writes his thoughts at a funeral he attended: As I sat and listened to all of his friends and family get up in front of a room full of people to tell stories and share, I couldn’t help but…More

Still Rendering

Erin Lee Carr on the death of her father: I’m a year out, and I’m still rendering. If I could talk to that grief stricken kid, because I was a kid before my dad passed away, I would say this: you will feel…More

Back From Paradise

Some of the highlights of the week As they say, all good things must come to an end. We had such a relaxing and fun week, but I’m happy to be home and ready to…More

Cozumel Vacation

Dear Reader, I could really get used to this I’m in Cozumel at an all-inclusive this week. I’m busy enjoying the clear ocean water, having some great food, and unlimited drinks. Back to normal…More

On Inspiration

Originally published on The Branch in 2013. What inspires you? I’ve been asked that question many times. Either by fellow creatives, in job interviews and here. I’ve never been able to give an answer I’m…More

The Sliding Scale of Giving a F***

Cap Watkins: I was frequently out of touch with how strongly (or not strongly) I felt about a particular topic of discussion. Regularly, I’d find myself impassioned more towards the ten-out-of-ten side of…More

On Standing

Chris Bowler: After these past three years, I can attest to the fact that standing vs. sitting is not the discussion we should be having. It’s inactivity, period. If you’re standing in front of a computer…More

Super Bowl 50

Friends and family who came over for our Super Bowl party I’ll keep this brief: We had a fun time watching. We invited friends over, ate a lot of food, and argued about some of the calls. Some just…More

Permission Slips

Emily Mall: I was too fearful of doing something wrong or messing something up. I needed someone to be willing to take the heat if something went wrong, like trusted friends and professionals. People…More

2015: Year in Review

This was by far the best year in a long time. Kelly and I were married on May 9. It was the best day of my life. With our amazing wedding party. (Photo by Cayan Brock) We were surrounded by all of our…More

Chris Coyier’s Productivity Advice

Chris Coyier: “How do they do it all?” people unceasingly want to know. The answer is never satisfying. Nobody actually has any magic tricks. Nobody slows down time. They do work and work gets done, whether…More

On Passion

Noah Stokes nails it: Who doesn’t want to follow their passion? Do what they love? It’s on posters and t-shirts. It’s nearly half of all Medium articles. You can turn your passion into a full-time job. Your…More

Time Off Leads to Better Work, Duh

Shawn Blanc: There is no shame in taking time “off” of your work, in order to learn something, experience something, and be inspired. This is the ebb and flow of work. This is having multi-year cycles…More

20 for 20

Paul Armstrong: My wife and I celebrated 20 years of marriage on July 1st 2015. I’m far from having any of what makes marriage work, let alone work for two decades, but here are some simple things I’ve…More

Matt Gemmell on Working from Home

Matt Gemmell writes an excellent piece on working from home. You can tell he’s been doing it for a while, and I love his emphasis on creating a routine. If you don’t have a routine when you work from home,…More

New Beginnings

For the past two years, I’ve run my own business, Anythin’ Goes. I’ve been so incredibly happy to work on some awesome projects with great people. On Monday, I begin a new chapter. As some of you know, I’m…More

‘On Productivity’

Brian Krogsgard: I should admit something: I have almost no such hacks and I do not focus heavily on my processes and how to streamline them. Now, I do think I’m a fairly productive person. I get a lot…More

How to Not Die in Winter

Lauren Evans on Gothamist: Your oven can be used for more than just storage! Pull out all the sweaters and board games typically shelved in your oven, and preheat it to 425 degrees. Insert a baking sheet…More

2014: Year in Review

In an effort to keep up a good habit, it’s time to do a little reflection on last year, and set new goals for 2015. I can’t believe how quickly 2014 went by. I feel as if every year seems to go by quicker than…More

Quick Thought on Empathy

Yaron Schoen: Empathy is a muscle you must build, and the only way I know to build that muscle is through life experience. I would even go further and say that, unfortunately, experiencing hardship in life…More

Making Fussy Coffee

Peter Binkowski: There are a lot of people on the internet that enjoy making fussy coffee. I’m definitely one of them. However, getting into coffee doesn’t have to a pursuit in snobby-ness and complexity.…More

‘Twenty Thirteen, The Learnering’

Paul Armstrong: …there’s no sense in just listing the things that have transpired in a year without taking full account of why they were and are important. If you can’t determine what you’ve learned,…More

2013: Year in Review

It’s 2014. I can’t believe I’m writing that. It seems like yesterday that I published this post. 2013 was an interesting year. It was riddled with both success and failure. Thankfully, the year ended on a high…More

A List Apart Issue 387

Nick Cox writes an excellent article in the last A List Apart issue of the year. In “A Moment to Breathe”, he tells the story of how he realized he was working too much, and what he forced himself to do, to…More

Contentment and Being Grateful

We all have our moments when we feel down. In my case, the past two years have been full of personal mistakes and bad decisions. Failure is difficult to accept. Yet, these things considered, it’s not the end;…More

The 14-Hour Work Day Myth

Once I discovered the best times I like to work as a freelancer, I realized, why would I want to be working past that anyways? I love my job but I also love doing things outside my job. These things bring me…More