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Roma 5/5 stars

Yalitza Aparicio as Cleo in Roma© Alfonso CuarónThere’s always some hesitation on my part to watch films that aren’t in English. Surprisingly, that even extends to Span...More

2018: Year in Film

Watching movies is one of my favorite pastimes, so it’s no surprise I’ve seen a lot this year—thirty-four of which were released in 2018. This is my new annual tradition of coll...More

Aquaman 2/5 stars

Jason Mamoa as Aquaman© Warner Bros.There’s a lot about Aquaman that wouldn’t have ever been possible in the past. Creating a world of underwater people (and making it ...More

Mrs. Doubtfire 3.5/5 stars

Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire © 20th Century FoxThis review contains spoilers.I’d forgotten how terrible Sally Field’s character looks in this film. Sure, co-parenting wi...More

My 2017 Films

I should note up front that, of course, this is only of the films I saw and feel like mentioning. I saw significantly less films last year than I have in years past when I was d...More

Thor: Ragnarok

Official episode description from Asgard is in “Hela” big trouble, but Thor and Hulk are here to save the day, of course. Join Tim and TJ on this comedic thrill ri...More

‘Incredibles 2’ Teaser

This teaser gives away almost nothing. A refreshing move when we are surrounded by trailers and teasers that make actually watching the movie feel unnecessary.I’m beyond excited...More

Despicable Me 3 2.5/5 stars

Steve Carell reprises the role of Gru for a third time, and here’s hoping it’s the last. Don’t get me wrong, I love Steve Carell, but the story of this movie falls flat and does...More

Wonder Woman 4.5/5 stars

Wonder Woman is my favorite DC film so far. Her backstory is wonderfully written, and as a result you get a likeable character that inspires more hope than the DCEU Superman.More

Zootopia Sloth Trailer

I first saw this trailer when I went to watch The Force Awakens, and it had the entire theater laughing. Kelly and I are definitely watching this one.Doesn’t it sometimes feel l...More

‘Fantastic Four’ Sucked

Brooks Barnes writing for the New York Times: 20th Century Fox’s big-budget “Fantastic Four” went down in flames at the weekend box office, adding to fears about superhero fati...More

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