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Slack Gets a New Logo

Lots of commotion over this redesign, and to a certain extent, it’s completely understandable. While I don’t find myself feeling “repulsed,” this new direction certainly feels l...More

The Era of Newshammer

Uncle Dave redesigned his website and it’s looking great. I always find it fun to see how people approach building their personal sites. Often, we build these the way we wish we...More

Senior vs. Junior Thinker

Helen Tran on how Senior Designers identify a problem differently from Junior Designers: When being described a problem, a Senior Designer will likely ask more questions than t...More

Webfonts on the Prairie

Richard Fink on A List Apart: If you can only be certain of what’s under your control on your server, which would you rather have—the certainty of webfonts that are precisely w...More

On Design Tests

Looking for a job is a stressful affair. Filtering through hundreds of job descriptions requires stellar skimming skills. After all, you want to minimize wasted time on ones tha...More

Drew Wilson on Design Titles

Drew Wilson: Currently in the software industry any title that has “Design” somewhere in it refers to someone that arranges pixels on a screen. I propose that any title with “D...More

The New Web Ahead Website

Have you listened to The Web Ahead? If you work on the web, and you haven’t, you’re monumentally missing out. The Web Ahead is a great show where Jen Simmons talks to some of th...More

Beyond Ink

My friend, Rachel Shillcock, launched her new podcast called Beyond Ink. She’s a natural in front of the microphone, and does a great first show with Simon Collison and Laura Ka...More

Geri Coady on Design Trends

Should we really be dropping buttons, even if it negatively affects intuitive interaction patterns or confuses people with cognitive disabilities? Should we really be using th...More

Google Web Designer

Interestingly, I see a tool like this from Google, and my whole opinion changes. I had some pretty harsh things to say about Macaw.1Google—in many ways—is the reason I do my job...More

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