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My Geek Life

Back in 2016, I wrote about making my way back to comics. Then last week, I read this cool post from Jason Dettbarn where he talks about how he started reading comic books. I ...More

MCBA Fall ComiCon 2018

Stupidly, I didn’t take any pictures while at my local comic con this weekend, but my goodness did I have a great time. Out of the five in our group who went, three of us had ne...More

Dead Rabbit

Jason Segarra writing for AiPT!: That’s sort of the issue with Dead Rabbit as a whole: It just feels entirely too familiar. The gangster with the heart of gold trope has been d...More

Pull List for August 29, 2018

Happy Wednesday peeps! New comic book day is upon us, and as packed as last week was, it’s pretty light this week. Here’s what I read last week, and what I’m picking up this wee...More

Pull List for August 22, 2018

It’s Wednesday again! Here’s what I read last week, and what I’m picking up this week. Also! New category: what I’m dropping 😱What I picked up last week Batgirl: Stephanie Brow...More

Pull List for August 15, 2018

Wednesday is here again, and that means it’s new comic book day! I don’t have any books on my pull list coming out this week, but that doesn’t mean I’m not reading something. He...More

Pull List for August 8, 2018

Another Wednesday is here, which means it’s New Comic Book Day! Here are my thoughts on what I picked up last week, and what I’m picking up today.What I picked up last week Cap...More

Pull List for August 1, 2018

Tryouts this week! Only the best comics will survive the chopping block! Here’s what I actually ended up picking up last week, and what I’m planning on getting this week.What I ...More

Pull List for July 25, 2018

Pretty small week for me, but great books I’m looking forward to! Here are my picks for the week. X-23 #2I was a big fan of All-New Wolverine. Tom Taylor did an excellent job, ...More

Pull List for June 8, 2016

First off… let me come clean: I totally bought Civil War II last week. I really wasn’t going to because it is expensive, but I just couldn’t help myself. I’m so glad I bought it...More

Pull List for June 1, 2016

Not a huge week for me, as I’m not incredibly interested in a lot of the new DC issues coming out.1 Also, I’ve decided to drop Civil War II because this week’s issue is $5.99 an...More

Going Back To Comics

It’s a lot harder to take a picture of comics than I thoughtThe last time I picked up a comic, was when I was still a kid. I never collected, but I read the ones I could get...More

‘Not Just a Boy Scout’

The quality of shows that Moisés Chiullan produces is by far one of the best. He’s an expert moderator, and his passion for the topics really shines through.In this episode of G...More

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