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Tools Perfect for Nerds

Boy, I knew Brett Terpstra was prolific, but this list is nuts. If you’re a developer or write markdown frequently, I’m sure you’ll find more than one of Brett’s projects to be ...More

Cherish Thine .dotfiles

Earlier this year, I started to feel it was time to buy a new Mac, but wanted to make a sensible and adult decision. I’d wait till the Fall, see what Apple had announced for the...More

The Meaning of AMP

Jeremy Keith: At AMP Conf, the Google Search team were at pains to repeat over and over that AMP pages wouldn’t get any preferential treatment in search results …but they appea...More

Saying Goodbye to Firebug

Jan Honza Odvarko: Firebug has been a phenomenal success. Over its 12-year lifespan, the open source tool developed a near cult following among web developers. When it came out...More


Mina Markham on Several People Are Coding: In August, we released a major redesign of, and we want to give you a peek behind-the-scenes. Rebuilding our marketing webs...More

Moving to Netlify

In June 2015, I set out on a bold journey. One where no one had gone before. If you’re thinking of space, hell yea that would be amazing, but no. I set out to host my Jekyll sit...More

A Sticky Situation

Ethan Marcotte: Last week, I thought I’d clean up my blog entries a bit. (Yep. I’m that fun.) Before, there were a couple short but dense paragraphs, each containing a truckloa...More

Be Kinder to Each Other

Hui Jing after reading some negative comments on the Update CSS Grid page of the Windows Developer Feedback site: The world is not a perfect place. Life is not fair. But the ma...More

CSS is Not Broken

Keith J. Grant: You cannot be proficient in JavaScript until you understand coercion, prototypal inheritance, and asyncronous(sic) flow control. Likewise, in CSS, you have to u...More

Personal Site Redesigned

Three months ago, I set out to redesign my personal site. I usually start feeling the itch every year or so. I don’t really know what version this is, but feel free to look at p...More

Learn CSS Grid

Jen Simmons: I am starting to see a bunch of simple introductions, link-baity false-narratives, and weirdly-wrong ideas to creep into the conversation about CSS Grid. They are ...More

A Simple Use of CSS Grid

You might’ve heard awesome people like Rachel Andrew and Jen Simmons advocating for the use of CSS Grid. If you haven’t, I recommend you follow Jen and Rachel on Twitter. You sh...More

Switching Back to Kramdown

I’ve written previously on switching to Redcarpet to process markdown. Since then, I was determined to find out if I could do the same thing with Kramdown since it’s already a d...More

Hello, Jekyll

Trent Walton: I’ve logged quite a lot of hours battling databases, plugins, and a GUI editor to write (and occasionally design) blog posts. Wordpress has served me well, but to...More

A Year of Ruby, Together

This is an important talk to watch. All of us use open-source libraries, and while this talk is ruby-specific, our support and contribution to the communities we belong to is im...More

Normalize (CSS) No More

Shaun Rashid: Like many web developers, I have used a reset/normalize style sheet in a variety of projects with the intention of having a common starting point for all browsers...More

The Value of Writing CSS

Eli Fitch in a tweet: Don’t ever let somebody tell you that focusing on CSS doesn’t make you a “real developer”. Being good at CSS is rare, has tremendous value(sic)This tweet ...More

Neonto Tries Their Hand at React

Neonto has just announced the impending release of a new design tool. Neonto Studio allows users to “Build real native mobile apps better and faster.” Their new offering—React S...More

CSS Writing Mode

Ahmad Shadeed: Recently, while editing some CSS in Opera inspector, I noticed a CSS property called writing-mode, this was the first time that I know of it. After some research...More

Sticky Headers

Jeremy Keith: I made a little tweak to The Session today. The navigation bar across the top is “sticky” now—it doesn’t scroll with the rest of the content. I made sure that th...More

CSS and Scalability

Adam Morse: After countless implementations of css systems that broke down and became difficult to maintain as apps and teams grew larger…I’ve found I want little to no part of...More

The Web Is Back!

Creativity on the web has been on a bit of a vacation. I’m not pointing fingers, I’m guilty. Many of us are culprits in making some pretty homogenous-looking websites. We played...More

Light Frames, Great Content

Uncle Dave: Abiding in “light frames, great content” means I’m not limited by an arbitrary number of kilobytes. Some content needs to be bigger, commented, zoomed-in on, animat...More

Confidence and Overwhelm

Rachel Andrew: A lot of folk feel overwhelmed right now. Things seem to be changing so quickly. It doesn’t seem enough to be a good designer, or to know HTML and CSS well. Do w...More

iPad Test

Dear Reader,If you’re seeing this, it means I’m publishing from my iPad. Oh, hell yes. Tutorial coming soon.More

Clean Up Your Metadata

Jeremy Keith on all the meta elements you need for nice previews on Twitter and Facebook: Okay, I’ll attempt to dial down my sarcasm, but I find this wastage annoying. It adds ...More

Switching to Redcarpet

I’ve always hated the way Jekyll uses liquid tags to highlight code snippets. I found a way to do this, which until today, I never knew existed.Redcarpet is the answer here. Her...More

New Permalinks

Matt Gemmell writes a compelling piece on why we should ditch date permalinks. Joe Darnell did it, and now me too. Good riddance ridiculously long URLs!More

Emmet’s Hidden Features

Jordan Moore: There are heaps of really useful features alongside Emmet’s primary text-expanding function. Here are a few of the hidden gems that I frequently use when coding.More

Pinging FeedPress with Rake

Using Jekyll instead of a CMS like WordPress, means that some things aren’t automated like before. With WordPress, when you publish a new post, the system automatically pings se...More

A List Apart Issue 386

In “Surveying the Big Screen”, Mike Pick does a great job of pointing out the need to explore the possibilities on larger screens.1 Alex Feyerke writes an excellent article titl...More

Organize that Sass!

One of the many beauties of working with Sass is how easy it is to get organized. In the past, importing different CSS files wasn’t good practice and in fact made for more HTT...More

Why You Should Use Sass

Dan Cederholm on A List Apart: …the reality is that Sass (and other CSS preprocessors) can be a powerful ally—a tool that any style-crafter can easily insert into their daily w...More

Starting with Sass

Chris Bowler: I’ve looked at several tutorials over the years, but many were written with a certain assumption for the level of knowledge on the other end. Many can be a strugg...More

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