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When Should Bootstrappers Get Paid?

Another fantastic episode of Build Your SaaS. Their conversation about paying themselves is great, but I liked the section about feeling business FOMO even more. I feel that right now that I’m building…More

Shed Your Money Taboos

Derek Sivers offers advice to musicians that applies to any creative pursuit: The unhappiest musicians I’ve met are the ones who avoided the subject of money, and now are desperately broke or need a…More

Pricing Strategy for Creatives

Jason Blumer gives a few reasons as to why charging by the hour doesn’t work, but his first makes so much sense, it maddens me that I ever billed hourly: When you charge by the hour, you and your client…More

Questions to Ask in Interviews

As you might’ve heard, I’m looking for a job. Julia Evans wrote a great post on questions she asks during interviews. It’s helped me so much, prompting me to ask questions I’d never thought of before, or never…More

Make Firing People Suck Less

David Heinemeier Hansson: Maybe if you fire a hundred people, you’ll eventually get used to it. But I doubt it. Firing people is horrible. Nothing has stressed me out more in the past twelve years of…More

Questions for Our First 1:1

Lara Hogan: In the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of kicking off lots of new reporting relationships with both engineers and engineering managers. Over time, I’ve learned that getting some particular…More

Building Remote-First Teams

Karolina Szczur on “I can’t get this ASAP,” one of the excuses against remote work: Circling back to Basecamp and their earlier publication, “Rework”, we can bring in a killer quote: “ASAP is…More

Congratulations! You’ve Been Fired

Dan Lyons writing for The New York Times: Unfortunately, working at a start-up all too often involves getting bossed around by undertrained (or untrained) managers and fired on a whim. Bias based on age,…More

Building a Family Friendly Culture

Natalie Nagele explains what happens when you don’t give employees workplace flexibility. Ya know, ‘cause life happens: In places without this flexibility, you’re actually doing yourself more damage. If a…More

Being the Boss Is Tough

Claire Lew on being the boss: How are you coming across? What’s your body language? Do you ask questions? Do you listen? Do you go out of the way to help one of your employees? How accessible are…More

The Interview from Hell

Steve Shogren: This story fills me with an overwhelming desire to never continue the cycle of abuse. I strive every interview to try to respectfully work with the candidate, and never humiliate them. I want…More

Employee Benefits at Basecamp

Jason Fried on Signal v. Noise: I’m often asked about the benefits we offer at Basecamp. Potential employees are obviously curious, but most of the questions I get are from fellow business owners and…More

Fire the Workaholics

David Heinemeier Hansson: People who always work late makes the people who don’t feel inadequate for merely working reasonable hours. That’ll lead to guilt, misery, and poor morale. Worse, it’ll lead to…More

Rules for Getting Hired

Michael Johnson gives some excellent advice on Cognition to get you hired. As someone who at times has been involved in the hiring process, I can vouch for how important these are. …More

‘Let’s Talk Money’

Helen Tran: One of the most displeasing sentiments out there is that if you are passionate about something, the money shouldn’t matter. People will fall all over themselves agreeing to this. Why not? It…More

Working Remotely Can Be the Dream

Mark Nichols: During the hardest times, working remotely can feel like a punishment. For what, though? Your defection from the norm? Your overconfidence, maybe — your inability to do something that seems so…More

Building a Lifestyle Business

Andrew Wilkinson talks about being In-N-Out Burger instead of becoming McDonalds. It’s quite encouraging to read something like this from someone who’s had so much success in our industry. Here’s my favorite…More

Freelancing and Premium Beef

Andy Adams: Price changes aren’t easy, but if you’re ever going to break out of being a commodity freelancer, you’re going to have to be nervous. You’ll have to say goodbye to clients you love who can’t…More

Weekly Pricing for Web Development

Curtis McHale: When I’m paid weekly I’m not hoping that you’ll pay me in a timely manner. I was already paid for the week I’m working. So I’m not sweating cash-flow. I’m not trying to dig deep to get other…More

‘Fired? Speak No Evil’

Will Blyte writing for The New York Times: The increased prevalence of nondisparagement agreements is part of a corporate culture of risk management that would have us say nothing if we can’t say anything…More

‘The Silent Subcontractor’

Laura Kalbag in her column on A List Apart: For the last four years I’ve had this daft rule: I don’t work with agencies. … Why was I doing this? I was really just attributing a few dodgy practices to…More

On Getting the Work You Want

Daniel Mall: One of the most common questions I’m asked about design is how to get the work you really want to do. Students often bring up the fact that they feel so far away from their dream projects. Even…More

Freelancing and Saying “No”

No. That word has been given lots of importance in our industry and rightly so. Jason Santa Maria spoke about it, Julie Zhuo wrote about it, and I’m sure you’ve read your fair share of articles on the…More

Laura Kalbag on Being Open

The most conscious decision I made about openness was to not put up a front and not always try to make myself look better. We all do things that make us look stupid from time to time (I do it a lot!). But…More