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The Fall of Apple?

Great piece from Matt Birchler. This line made me laugh: There is a morsel of truth in this article on VentureBeat, but if you told me this was written by Microsoft PR then I’d believe you. …More

Checking in With Apple Music

David starts off his article by mentioning this article from The Wall Street Journal which reports Apple Music having more subscribers than Spotify in the U.S. That’s great and all, but I can’t help…More

Apple’s Motivation for Services

I enjoyed reading Nick Heer’s thoughts on yesterday’s Apple event. I recommend you read the whole thing, but this last part stuck out to me: …there’s little wrong with Apple wanting a slice of the services…More

In-App Purchases vs. Rolling Your Own

Michael Rockwell on Initial Charge: Here’s the thing about allowing developers to opt out: it’s a slippery slope. If Apple allowed developers to push users to a website for purchasing digital goods, they…More

Apple to Hold Event on October 30th

John Vorhees on MacStories: As first reported by Neil Cybart, Apple has announced a media event for October 30, 2018 at 10:00 am Eastern. The event will be held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard…More

What the Mac Needs in 2018

Jason Snell on Macworld: The Mac is a mature platform used by millions of people for work and play. The most important thing to do is keep the platform stable. Reduce bugs, remove security flaws, and keep…More

iMac Pro iFixit Teardown

Here’s my second iMac Pro link for today. The first component out is the enormous dual-fan cooler. Looks like Apple sacrificed the 5K’s full-size desktop hard drive (not that you’d want that in a…More

The iMac Pro T2 Chip

This is the first of two links regarding the iMac Pro that I’ll be posting today. Jason Snell, writing at Macworld: I’ve spent the last week with Apple’s new iMac Pro, and in most ways it’s just a faster…More

Building a Hackintosh

So I really gave it away in the title, but, uhh, I built a computer. And that computer allegedly runs macOS. Why would I do this? How did I do this? What was my experience like? I intend to answer all…More

It’s All Screen

John Gruber: …what does Apple do 2-3 years from now if they ship an iPhone with no notch? Describe it as “Really all screen this time”? What in the hell is Apple thinking? This is poor foresight. …More


Marco Arment on the iPhone X’s “notch”: Many app developers are planning to hide the notch in the UI with black bars. But Apple explicitly says not to. … Apple just completely changed the fundamental…More

MacBook Pro Running Hot

I’ve had an interesting history with my MacBook Pros. Most of them have needed to go in for service and have the logic board replaced under warranty or recall at some point during their lifecycle. Call me naive…More

The Thing about Trucks

Rob Rhyne explains why he’d take his Mac if he could only take one device with him: My thinking goes like this: I can borrow someone else’s phone if I need to make a call, but I want my Mac if I need to do…More

A Week (or Two) with Apple AirPods

Ben Markowitz writing about using his AirPods with his Mac: I had honestly never thought about using AirPods with my Mac when they were first announced (or even when I ordered them). I obviously knew I…More

Displays for Designers and Developers

Marc Edwards on the Bjango blog: If you’re considering an external display for your Mac, there’s a few important decisions to make. Apple doesn’t sell external displays any more, so you can’t just default…More

How Apple Lost My $1,000

Katie Floyd on the LG UltraFine 5K Display: I was willing to get over the looks and the cost and accept this was the price I must pay to have the best display available to match my new MacBook Pro. Problem…More

iPad-only: Month One by Matt Gemmell

Matt Gemmell after making the iPad his main computer, describes what it was like for him to go back to a Mac: I went back to the MacBook for five or ten minutes a few days ago to get some files I hadn’t put…More

USB-C vs. the Headphone Jack

Manton Reece on whether Apple’s decision to move away from USB-A and the 3.5mm headphone jack are the same: USB-C is a standard that is already used in many devices from different vendors. It will become…More

iPhone 7: Computer from the Future

As per usual, Viticci’s review of the iPhone 7 is thought-out and thorough: Beyond anticipated camera improvements, speed bumps, and design tweaks, the iPhone 7 is planting the seeds of future technologies…More

Display Spaces and The Dock

I have, over the course of my personal and professional life, become a lover of Apple products. I liked Apple before it was cool. I liked Apple while it was becoming cool. I liked Apple after it was cool. And I…More

You're Doing the Mac Dock Wrong

I found this great YouTube video to change the animation speed of the dock on macOS. Hiding the dock is great for screen real estate, but the animation is slow. Thankfully you can easily fix this with two…More

Apple Echo

Mark Gurman and Ian King on Bloomberg: Apple Inc. is pressing ahead with the development of an Echo-like smart-home device based on the Siri voice assistant, according to people familiar with the matter. …More

Design as Branding

Farhad Manjoo, in his column for The New York Times: And while Apple has slowed its design cadence, its rivals have sped up. Last year Samsung remade its lineup of Galaxy smartphones in a new…More

New Policies for iOS

Jer Noble for Webkit speaking on some new features in iOS 10: <video autoplay> elements will now honor the autoplay attribute… This is an older piece of news but became relevant to me recently. For…More

iOS 10 is A Major Shift for iOS

Ben Brooks: We’ve seen a shift where macOS is now looking and acting like a manual transmission — robust, accurate, and putting the user in full control. On the other hand iOS is very much acting like an…More

Apple Removing Ports from MacBook Pro?

Juli Clover at MacRumors: In recent weeks, Apple has been sending out surveys to users asking about MacBook Pro features, most notably the headphone jack. A survey question shared by MacRumors reader Blake…More

It’s Time to Rethink iCloud

Dan Moren writing for Macworld on the problems with iCloud: It’s not just that the amount of space is a little sparse—especially for people looking to store, say, all the data that fits on their phones—it’s…More

What Is the Apple Watch Good For?

Richard Turton on The Syndicate: The Apple Watch is almost a year old now. Thousands of apps have been developed for it. What have we learnt so far? What makes a good user experience for a watch app? What…More

iPhone 6s Plus 5/5 stars

My iPhone 6s Plus in all its glory The bigger size is definitely noticeable in my hand. Using buttons in the upper part of the screen is a little difficult at first, but the awkwardness of the…More

iOS 10: Wishes and Concept Video

Federico Viticci on MacStories: Below, you’ll find a collection of my iOS 10 wishes, organized in tentpole features (the ones also shown in the video) plus additional sub-sections. Some of these wishes have…More

Poor Apple Watch

Casey Liss: Thinking of the Apple Watch as a standalone device that replaces the functionality of your phone is a fool’s errand. The Apple Watch improves your visibility into what is happening in your…More

I’m Done with MacBooks

Khoi Vinh: What I’m starting to believe is that desktop operating systems like OS X might not be all that well suited for these away-from-your-desk use cases, that in spite of the overwhelming success of…More

Apple Cons f.lux With Night Shift

Stephen Hackett on 512 Pixels: In many ways, this f.lux/Night Shift thing is pretty similar to other examples of Apple moving into a space defined by a third-party utility: Reading List vs. Instapaper;…More

Stephen Hackett’s Mac Wishlist

Stephen on wanting a Retina Display: Despite the technical hurdles in driving such a display over a cable, I really hope 2016 is the year that Apple’s lonely Thunderbolt Display is updated with a Retina…More

The Sad State of iOS Development

Brent Simmons: Yes, there are strategies for making a living, and nobody’s entitled to anything. But it’s also true that the economics of a thing may be generally favorable or generally unfavorable — and…More

The iPad Is in Trouble?

Khoi Vinh on It’s now more than ten days after they went on sale, and yet there have been no sales figure announcements, no bragging about new record-breaking numbers of iPads pre-ordered,…More

Khoi Vinh’s Thoughts on Yosemite

Spend just a bit of time with [Yosemite], and you can almost picture the iterations to come, when future releases will have fully worked out the visual language and the gestalt of the interface will have…More

Newsstand Isn’t the Problem

Ben Brooks on The Brooks Review: [A post on PandoDaily] blames the Newsstand icon and design on faltering sales. Perceived lack of attention from Apple, and lack of icon badging (I assume, because it is…More

Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Profit

Jim Dalrymple on The Loop: Apple on Monday reported its fourth quarter results, posting revenue of $37.5 billion and a profit of $7.5 billion. This compares to revenue of $36 billion and net profit of $8.2…More

Marco Arment on Apple’s Recent Event

Something felt a bit off about this week’s Apple event. Part of it was the lack of surprises, which isn’t Apple’s fault. All of the product upgrades, while nice, were incremental and predictable. None of…More

Apple Event Day

Apple Event Days are always exciting for me, and this one will be no different. You’ll be able to watch the event live on your iOS device, Mac, or Apple TV. 1 During the event, I’ll be…More

OS X Mavericks Review

Stephen Hackett on 512 Pixels: The bones haven’t changed all that much over the last 13 years, but every time Apple updates OS X, it continues to improve and refine features and the underlying technologies…More

John Gruber on iMessage Encryption

What Quarkslab’s research proves […] is that Apple’s iMessage back-end could be designed to allow for Apple to intercept and read message content, and there is no way we, as iMessage users, would be able to…More

Apple iPad Event on October 22

John Paczkowski reporting for AllThingsD: People familiar with Apple’s plans tell AllThingsD that the company will hold its next invitation-only event on Tuesday, October 22. The focal point of the…More

The App Store Problem

Stephen Hackett on 512 Pixels: The bottom line is this: developers should be able to work on their product in a sustainable way. Realmac are some of the good guys, and to have to backtrack on a business…More