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Hurricane Dorian Was a Climate Injustice 

Bernardo Ferguson writing for The New Yorker:

And so, a plea: oh world, oh every country, oh citizens of everywhere, the stakes are unreasonably high. Please donate money to the relief efforts. Send supplies if you can. Offer up your vacation time to visit the Bahamian islands that weren’t affected. Bahamians will use every drop to recover, rebuild, to start anew. But because there are people buried beneath the rubble of their own homes, it is perhaps time for all of us to get angry. The burdens remain uneven: what happened in the Bahamas was a climate injustice. We owe the Bahamian people at least our anger, at least our action. Recycle. Carpool. Become tender with the Earth and the resources that it affords us. Consider what impact your food choices have on the environment at large. Turn to face the industries that currently have us careening toward an awful future. Bahamian lives, and the lives of the Caribbean at large, hang in the balance.

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