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‘Brittany Runs A Marathon’ Promotes a Weight Loss Fantasy 

Your Fat Friend:

Following her encounter with Jasmine, Brittany’s brother-in-law lays out the film’s thesis: “You running this marathon was never about your weight,” he says. “It was about taking responsibility for your life.”

But that overt message is undermined by the film’s raison d’être. While the film claims to prize Brittany’s internal growth above all else, her weight loss is its centerpiece. Weight loss isn’t incidental, it’s rewarded at every turn. By the end of the film, Brittany is thin, and she has great friends, a promising new job in her dream career, confidence, the love of a good boyfriend, and an end to her drinking and drug use. But all of that only comes when she loses weight.

This is the type of film review I wish I could write. So good.