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Regal Cinemas Unlimited Ticket Subscription Program Set To Launch This Month 

Anthony D’Alessandro and Nancy Tartaglione reporting for Deadline:

There will be three tiers of pricing, which work out to $18, $21 and $24 per month, each granting access to unlimited tickets (really). While the monthly price of AMC Stubs A-List movie ticket subscription program varies by state, we hear that Regal’s is based on theater location.

After moving to Oceanside, we had to cancel our AMC Stubs A-List because the nearest AMC theater is thirty minutes away. However, there’s a Regal theater just down the street! There seems to be a catch, though.

…there’s buzz that Regal Unlimited subscribers will have to purchase an entire year in advance for the unlimited ticket program, hence the tier prices respectively would be $288, $252 and $216.

I’m hoping that turns out to be wrong. I understand the different pricing based on location, but paying a full year upfront sounds like a hard sell at those amounts. Also, there’s no mention of a family account, so I’m assuming that price would be doubled for us. I hope more theaters decide to offer a subscription. It led to us going to the theater more, and I have a feeling it’d motivate more Millenials that (according to the article) feel movie tickets are too expensive.