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Marissa Fuchs’s Proposal Was Pitched to Brands 

Taylor Lorenz writing for The Atlantic:

Before the proposal scavenger hunt ever kicked off, marketers at various brands and agencies had received a PDF outlining the future engagement in the context of a potential sponsorship. The multiday stunt would be “a one-of-a-kind proposal experience for a one-of-a-kind female ambitionist,” the deck, which was obtained by The Atlantic, reads.

I realize people are trying to make a living, and there’s nothing fundamentally immoral about doing it this way. But I can’t help feeling disgusted as I read this. Jack Wagner, who’s cited later in the article points out how utterly ridiculous this is:

Jack Wagner, the creator of Like and Subscribe, an online show that skewers influencer culture, said that at this point, parodies like his own are often indistinguishable from reality. “What’s crazy to me is the nature of creating a pitch deck for your engagement,” he said. “What is the price where you’d brand your engagement and sell it away? It’s such a special moment in your life. What is that price that makes it worth it? It’s weird that we’re at a point right now in culture where that’s a question.”