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Lakers Won’t Hire Replacement for Magic 


Shortly after Johnson’s surprise announcement, Buss huddled with advisers including Pelinka. Kobe Bryant’s former agent joined the Lakers’ front office with Johnson in 2017 when Buss installed two executives with no prior experience in their jobs, but great emotional appeal to Buss herself.

That’s the same type of sentimental thinking that convinced Buss to keep her brother, Jim, and GM Mitch Kupchak in charge several years into the Lakers’ decline — a grace period that Jeanie Buss says she now regrets.

I’m sad to see what’s happening with the Lakers. Unfortunately, it seems Jeanie Buss is making bad decision after bad decision. Some in the media say that it’s because she’s being given bad advice, but I personally feel that robs Jeanie of her responsibility.

Laker fans need to regrettably buckle up for what I feel will be a disappointing offseason.