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Tour of the Getty Museum

A group consisting of family and friends went to tour the Getty Museum last week. After visiting the museum, we headed to the Santa Monica Pier, which I’d never been to.

Camera: Sony α7 III
Lens: Sony 50mm ƒ/1.8

Maribel showing Darcy something on her phone.

A.B. and Darcy sitting down.

Artifacts at the Getty Museum.

Hercules at the Getty Museum.

Statue of Aphrodite at the Getty Museum.

Statue of… I don't know.

Old mask actors would use in the 1st century.

The group looking at the tour guide.

Cupid at the Getty Museum

Kelly at the Getty Museum.

Sanchez family posing for a photo on the Santa Monica Pier.

A.B. and Darcie laughing at who knows what.

Marta and Alfonso on the Santa Monica Pier.