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Ikea and Sonos to Release New Speakers in August 

Ikea and Sonos lamp and bookshelf speaker
© Ikea/Sonos

Chris Welch reporting for the Verge:

Sonos and Ikea have fully unveiled the pair of speakers that the two companies have collaborated on for years. The Symfonisk table lamp ($179) and bookshelf speaker ($99) will both ship this August, and you’ll be able to control them with Sonos’ app, allowing each speaker to be fully integrated as part of a multiroom audio setup.

I’m really excited about this. As a big fan of Sonos, this partnership feels like a big win for them. Everyone, and I mean everyone, shops at Ikea these days. Their stuff is pretty good for the price and has a very contemporary feel.

The new speakers won’t just work with your existing Sonos setup, they both support AirPlay 2. I’m eager to test these out, and look forward to seeing better audio being accessible to more people.