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Laura Gaetano Doesn’t Want to Be a Manager

Last October, Kelly and I had the fantastic opportunity of going to London. While we were there, I made plans to interview Laura Gaetano.

We met up in a conference room at her hotel and sat down to record. An hour later, we’d had a fun conversation about her upbringing, her experience at art school, her passions, and how things might be changing for her to do more of what she loves. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the episode:

We already have enough problems with society pushing those gender stereotypes, and we don’t need additional (let’s call them) bad influences from the parents. I think I’d really love to someday see toy stores not have separate sections for boy toys and girl toys, but have things labeled “cars”, and things labeled “dolls” and “puzzles” and whatever, and just have the kids be able to choose what it is that they want to play with.

A huge thanks to my dear friend Abi who helped voice the intro and outro due to me losing mine. She’s a natural.