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January in Oceanside

This past Friday, Kelly and I left our Minnesota home and embarked on a three-day road trip to Oceanside, CA. Oceanside will be our home for the next month as we try to get away from the cold and enjoy a working vacation of sorts just a few blocks away from the beach, and only a few minutes away from where I grew up.

Things will stay normal around here for the most part; I’ll be writing as much as usual. I’m also working out here (the beauty of having a remote job). As you may already know, I’m on the tail end of a pretty rough depression, and I think all the sunshine and walks on the beach we’ve vowed to take will help a lot. Here are some pictures from yesterday’s inaugural walk.

Camera: Sony α7 III
Lens: Sony 24–70mm ƒ/2.8 GM

Kelly on the pier before sunset.Beautiful bird on the pier.Sunset from the pier.Picture of me before sunset.Kelly on the pier after sunset.