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Gillette Releases Video Challenging Toxic Masculinity

In what Gillette is calling a short film, we see depicted several things men say and do. It’s a fantastic video, that challenges what masculinity is, and boldly shows what it should be.

As boys, we’re victims of toxic masculinity. Maybe we grew up around men who were misogynists, people that told us that “real men fight,” or to “man up.” But when you grow up, it’s the responsibility of every man to challenge that upbringing, and grow beyond it.

I agree with my friend Chris Courtney:

Thanks to @Gillette for producing a commercial the encourages us to be better men. For those who might take offense to my open support of their campaign, feel free to unfollow. As for me, I’ll vote with my wallet next time I need razorblades and buy Gillette.