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Walt Mossberg: ‘I’ve Decided to Quit Facebook’

Walt Mossberg on Twitter:

I’ve decided to quit Facebook around the end of the year. I am doing this – after being on Facebook for nearly 12 years – because my own values and the policies and actions of Facebook have diverged to the point where I’m no longer comfortable there.

Walt has long been a respected member of the tech community, and his decision is big news. He’s not just leaving Facebook:

I am also quitting Facebook-owned Instagram and Messenger. I will remain on Twitter, and will continue to communicate via iMessage, email and SMS text with those who have my email address and/or phone number. Obviously, people who follow me here can also reach me via DM.

Makes sense. You can’t just leave Facebook—they have their tentacles attached to these other services too.

I think an interesting movement is happening here. All of us whom call the internet home have always been early adopters. I was on Facebook and Instagram years before any of my offline friends were.

In a similar vein, we’re now the early adopters who understand the moral bankruptcy of the people running social media. Just as I had to explain to IRL friends what Instagram was, they give me the same confusing look when I tell them I’ve deleted my account.

The mass exodus is on the horizon.