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Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams delivers a fantastic performance in this movie about love, family, and adapting to new circumstances

3.5/5 stars
Mrs. Doubtfire
Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire © 20th Century Fox

This review contains spoilers.

I’d forgotten how terrible Sally Field’s character looks in this film. Sure, co-parenting with someone like Daniel must be hell. He’s the eternal good cop, which means the other parent ends up always being the bad guy.

Still, as their marriage falls apart, and custody hearings commence, he’s treated as though he’s some type of danger to his children when Daniel is nothing but a loving and caring father.

When I originally watched this film as a child, I remember being heartbroken that Miranda and Daniel don’t patch things up and get back together. As an adult, I realize the ending is perfect. As much as I love movies to escape reality, in a sense I believe they serve to help us cope with real life too.

So yes, Mrs. Doubtfire is a funny film sure to give you some great laughs. But it’s also a movie with a lot of heart, a spectacular performance from Robin Williams, and filled with great life lessons.