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Vulture Interviews ‘Saga’ Artist Fiona Staples

Abraham Riesman writing for Vulture:

The comics industry owes a debt of gratitude to Fiona Staples. The artist joined up with famed writer Brian K. Vaughan in the early part of this decade to create one of the most effective gateway drugs for comics novices ever printed: the ongoing Image Comics series Saga.

A great comic book requires words and art to come together seamlessly to tell a story. If there was ever a perfect example of that, it’s Saga. Just in volume nine, there are several back-to-back panels that are completely textless—but due to Fiona’s spectacular art—no less expressive.

Staples has designed and created a vast number of worlds and species throughout the series. Characters like The Stalk who are a combination of what looks like a woman and a spider, or the Robot Kingdom, a race of people who have TVs for heads. Sure, these most likely are the ideas of writer Brian K. Vaughan, but it’s Staples who’s brilliance shines as these characters and locations come to life on the page.

All this to say, Fiona Staples is incredibly talented and Saga wouldn’t be the same comic (or maybe even as successful) without her.