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Pull List for November 7, 2018

Comics from last week
From left to right: Batman Secret Files #1, West Coast Avengers #3, Man-Eaters #2, and Jessica Jones: Blindspot TP

A new week is here and that means there are all new stories to be engrossed in, and art to be fascinated by. Here are the comics I read last week, and what I’m picking up this week.

What I read last week

  • Batman Secret Files #1
    I don’t usually pick up anything Batman, because I’m not a fan of how he’s written for the most part. He can be moody, arrogant, and emotionally detached. I have enough of those people in my life for goodness sake. However, this collection of never before told stories included one from Tom Taylor (one of my favorite writers). I’m glad I picked this up! Not only is the cover great, but the diversity of short Batman stories and art on the inside make for an enjoyable read.
  • Jessica Jones: Blindspot TP
    Kelly Thompson is the right person to write the return of Jessica Jones. Following up the run of the character’s creator is no easy task, but Kelly does it excellently. She understands Jessica’s character and writes in her voice with ease. This story arc however, wasn’t my favorite with some parts being a bit confusing and slow. It’s also frustrating to see a plot being setup over several issues, just to see it resolved in only a few panels. There was space for some great character growth, but the opportunity was missed. With all that said, I’ll continue to read Jessica Jones as long as Kelly Thompson is writing it.
  • Man-Eaters #2
    Issue one of this series was a lot of fun, and so was this one. I enjoy reading the commentary Chelsea Cain is making on our society in the subtext of this title. Also, the art and coloring is nothing short of stunning. I find myself carefully examining each panel to catch all the details (and the easter eggs in the background). It’s refreshing to read stories set from a woman’s perspective too.
  • West Coast Avengers #3
    Kelly Thompson continues to deliver with West Coast Avengers. You can feel her excitement and familiarity with Kate Bishop, and it’s contagious. Her character has made me laugh more than a few times. The team dynamics are fun to see too, and mostly approachable for those of us who don’t know the personality of some of the supporting cast. Tríona Farrell continues to absolutely kill it on colors too.

Favorite of the week: West Coast Avengers #3

Picking up this week

  • Deadpool #6
    As I’ve said before, I was a bit skeptical of Skottie Young’s writing of Deadpool at first, but he’s been doing a pretty good job in the last few issues.
  • X-23 #6
    This may be the last single issue I pick up of X-23. The ending of the first arc was disappointing, so I may just wait for the collected editions to come out and decide then.
  • X-Men: Red #10
    All signs point to this being the penulimate issue of X-Men: Red. Tom Taylor has delivered a fantastic series with a great cast of characters. I especially love the portrayal of Jean Gray. Her character has really made an impact on me in this run, and I love her as a leader.