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Manage Your Pictures With iCloud Photo Library

Shawn Blanc on The Sweet Setup:

What would you guess was the average answer for how many photos people have in their iPhone camera roll?

Believe it or not, on average, people said they have 30,285 photos in their iPhone Camera Roll. What normal person with any sort of life has the time or energy to sort and organize 30,000 photos on their phone? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

On the recommendation of The Sweet Setup, I made the switch to iCloud Photo Library about two months ago. I have nowhere near thirty thousand photos, but even with a library of around 3,500, Apple Photos has already been a far greater experience than my previous method (files and folders in Dropbox, like an animal).

As Shawn points out, I love how much I don’t have to do with iCloud Photo Library. My photos sync automatically, the For You tab is always showing me photos that I look back on fondly, sharing pictures I take with friends or family is incredibly easy, and those memory videos are great.

If you’re a photography enthusiast (and you’re on iOS), there’s nothing better than Apple Photos.