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‘Dead Rabbit’ Comic Recalled After $2 Million Lawsuit From New York Pub

Tim Midura writing for The Outhouse:

The New York bar Dead Rabbit has filed a trademark lawsuit against Image Comics and Forbidden Planet for $2 million. In September, a trademark registration by DRT (Dead Rabbit) for Dead Rabbit to cover “Comic books; Fiction books on a variety of topics; Non-fiction books on a variety of topics; Recipe books,” was approved by the US government.

Well this is a fascinating development. It seems those Dead Rabbit comics I have in my box just went up in value. I’d be really surprised if either of these companies end up having to pay $2 million. That price feels exorbitantly high for what is basically an unknown series. Unfortunately it’s probably a sorry attempt at a cash grab.

What’ll happen to this book though? I wouldn’t qualify it as a must-read, but I did like where it was going. And I feel like it has potential to be great. Let’s hope they can settle all of this by apologizing and renaming the title.