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Pull List for October 17, 2018

Comics from last week
From left to right starting from the back: True Believers: What If Spider-Man Had Rescued Gwen Stacy? #1, X-23 #5, Catwoman #4, Spider-Geddon #1, Oblivion Song #1, The Amazing Spider-Man #7, The Last Space Race #1

Boy, last week was packed some great comics! It was just one of those weeks where I thought I’d only pick up a few books, and next thing I know, I’m walking out with seven. Here’s what I read last week, and what I’m picking up this week.

What I read last week

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #7
    I’m still loving this book! We haven’t seen Spidey in his suit for two issues, and you would think that’d be a bad thing, but the character development on Boomerang has been fascinating to read. Especially in this issue. Nick Spencer keeps killing it with a superb story and delightful humor.
  • The Last Space Race #1
    Picked this up on a whim because Peter Calloway was writing it (he’s worked on shows like Legion). The writing is clever and funny, and as a fan of space exploration, I love the premise. This comic is definitely going on my pull list.
  • Spider-Geddon #1
    Not really feeling this. Didn’t really like the humor or the story. Looks like this is mostly just me though, others seem to like it.
  • Catwoman #4
    As usual, the art and colors of this book are nothing short of amazing. Also, the A cover is done with an awesome-looking foil. But the issue left me confused. I don’t really understand how this issue contributes to the story arc.
  • X-23 #5
    I’m sad to say the end of this arc was disappointing. In fact, the last two issues were disappointing. Mariko Tamaki’s run felt like such a great continuation tone-wise, but it somehow lost its way. I’ll be watching closely to decide whether this stays on my pull list.
  • Oblivion Song #1
    This is a classic tale of judging a book by it’s cover and then regretting it. I’d passed up on Oblivion Song because my impression was “yet another monster story”. A few weeks ago, Tony (Comics Expert and Co-Owner of my local shop) recommended I give it a try. Yesterday, the first issue finally found itself in my hands and what a journey it was. Need to go back and catch up on this series, pronto.
  • True Believers: What If Spider-Man Had Rescued Gwen Stacy? #1
    Admittedly, I was having a pretty emotional day when I read this, but those opening panels had me in tears. You really feel Pete’s pain and grief. Sure, there’s plenty of dialog that falls flat by today’s standards, but overall it’s a good story and for a \$1, you can’t go wrong.

Favorite of the week: The Last Space Race #1

Picking up this week

  • Cover #2
    The first issue of this was enjoyable, and contrary to popular opinion, I really enjoyed the art. This will be the deciding issue as to whether the story interests me enough to keep picking it up.
  • Mr. & Mrs. X #4
    It brings me sadness to say that I’m not enjoying this. Like I’ve said many times before, I love Kelly Thompson’s writing, but these characters and plot aren’t doing it for me.
  • The New World #4
    A love story mixed in with politics and family drama. Really enjoying this miniseries whose last issue will be #5. The art in this is different, I don’t love it or hate it, it’s just different.
  • Shuri #1
    Shuri is a character I really enjoyed in the Black Panther film that came out in February. She’s incredibly smart and funny, and Infinity War confirms she’s smarter than Bruce Banner and Tony Stark combined. So yes, I’m picking up this first issue. Also, have you seen the gorgeous covers?!