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Dead Rabbit 

Jason Segarra writing for AiPT!:

That’s sort of the issue with Dead Rabbit as a whole: It just feels entirely too familiar. The gangster with the heart of gold trope has been done before plenty of times, but it’s far from the only well that Duggan and McCrea go to. Martin is a pastiche of several characters and caricatures from the genre. He’s every weary gunslinger who’s ever been “pulled back into the life” out of necessity. He’s also the “secret badass” cliche, working a boring normal job (he’s a Walmart greeter, even though there isn’t one in Boston. The nearest one is all the way out in Quincy) that starkly contrasts with his extracurricular activities… it doesn’t lend the series a lot of originality. I mean, they even lift the “recognizing a criminal by what they’re buying” scene from Breaking Bad wholesale, so there aren’t many unique elements to this one.

Picked this up because of the gorgeous cover and because I really enjoy Gerry Duggan’s writing. After reading, there wasn’t much to compel me to pick up issue #2, but I couldn’t quite articulate it into words. Jason pretty much nails it.