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Bendis and Walker’s New Hero Will Uncover a Secret That Impacts the Entire DC Universe 

JJ Travers writing for AiPT!:

Several days ago, DC Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis made a surprise appearance during DC’s Meet the Publishers panel at New York Comic Con. While there, he announced Wonder Comics — a new young adult imprint under the DC umbrella.


“Naomi lives in Pacific northwest and she’s the only brown skinned girl in a very white town,” said Bendis. “Superman and Mongul bounce into town and it gets Naomi on a track to kind of look at her adoption, and by doing so she uncovers a secret in the DC Universe that nobody knows about. By the end of her story, we’ll be introduced to something brand new in the DC Universe that no one has ever seen.”

While I currently don’t read anything DC, this new series from Brian Michael Bendis looks intriguing. I’m a fan of Miles Morales, so it’ll be interesting to see him keep exploring similar themes with Naomi.