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Our Family Cruise in Pictures

Earlier this week, I promised to share some of my favorite photos from the cruise. This was only the second time I’d taken my camera on a trip, and as you might be able to tell, much to learn I still have.

I took over 700 pictures. Many of those pictures were extremely overexposed, and another big chunk were completely out of focus. Unfortunately, there are many moments I thought I captured, but realized I didn’t.

Camera: Canon EOS T7i
Lens: Sigma 18-35mm ƒ/1.8

Kelly on deck sixteenDenver on catamaranDarren making a faceArlene on deck sixteenJulian on the beachRafa talking about soccerEthan on the catamaranArlene not happy at my picture takingKelly magazine cover pictureDawson on the beachEthan on the beach