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Losing 20 Pounds

Making small changes with big results

I weighed myself yesterday, and I’ve lost 21 pounds since November. Losing that type of weight is a game changer—clothes that once fit me tight, now fit loose. I feel better, and that helps me control my anxiety in turn.

We cut out all pop and sugary drinks in November, and together with the exercise I’ve been doing, the results speak for themselves. We’ve been making small changes that are actually sustainable. Those low-carb diets just don’t work for me—I do good for a few days and then can’t handle it. It takes a type of self-control I’m finally willing to admit I don’t have.

But cutting out pop? Not drinking juice? That felt easy. I honestly didn’t notice the months go by. We’ll partake if we go out with friends, but we don’t buy it anymore.

I’m still about 80 pounds away from my goal weight, but for the first time ever, the goal feels attainable.