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Version 1.2.0

Notes on the latest release

I’ve been adding (and taking away) stuff on the site, and wanted to loop you in. Also, in case you were wondering how we’re back at the 1.x.x numbers, I started over when I renamed the site.

Bug Fixes

Most of these bugs were introduced by me for being careless with the codebase. Need to get better with that.

Fix ul and ol Styles

As usual, I was doing something with a completely different thing and broke something else in the process. (#23)

HOT FIX: Style tag list

Same as the issue above. I deleted some CSS that then broke the tag list. Not proud.

Fix Async Fonts

I did some work to asynchronously load fonts, but then found out I’d forgotten to load one of the scripts that makes that work. (#28)

Fix tags to use dashes instead of underscores

When tags have multiple words (i.e Site News), I want the links to use dashes not underscores to replace the spaces.

Development Fixes

Simplify Markup

There was a lot of unnecessary markup around the site that still remains from The Bold Report. I cleaned a lot of that up and made some changes to the topics page. (#21)

Migrate to New Paginator Gem

jekyll-paginate is no longer under development, and if I’m not mistaken will stop working in January. I figured might as well do this early. (#22)

Add MIT License to Project

I don’t know why I haven’t had a license on the code for this. I want anyone and everyone to take a look at the code and copy what they may need or want. (#26)

Updates to README and Pull Request Template

The README had some legacy Bold Report stuff in it. The pull request template was way too long and wasn’t using most of it. Now it just asks for the purpose of the PR and screenshots if applicable. (#27)

Site Enhancements

Revert to Old Style of Code Blocks

The full-width code blocks were distracting and interrupted the flow of the content. Now the code blocks are the same width as the rest of the text content. (#24)

Async JS and Fonts with loadCSS

I’ve known for a while now that I needed to address the problem of the fonts on this site. They were slow and blocked rendering. I did some research and found a great solution. (#25)

Add Heading Anchors and a Table of Contents to Appropriate Places

Something I really love about the reading experience of A List Apart, is that you can link directly to the section you want to. I’d wanted to add something like that to this site for a while to make linking easier. Also, longer posts now have a table of contents to help you find the appropriate section that much faster. This will be especially helpful for those longer reviews that I post every once in a while. (#29)

You can look at the release on GitHub too where you can inspect and judge the code I write.