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The Meaning of AMP 

Jeremy Keith:

At AMP Conf, the Google Search team were at pains to repeat over and over that AMP pages wouldn’t get any preferential treatment in search results …but they appear in a carousel above the search results. Now, if you were to ask any right-thinking person whether they think having their page appear right at the top of a list of search results would be considered preferential treatment, I think they would say hell, yes! This is the only reason why The Guardian, for instance, even have AMP versions of their content—it’s not for the performance benefits (their non-AMP pages are faster); it’s for that prime real estate in the carousel.

Jeremy’s thoughts on AMP are pretty spot on for the best part. While I agree with his update—“well-meaning people work on even the fishiest of projects”—the way AMP is being pushed and then displayed in Google search is disingenuous.

At this moment, I wouldn’t use AMP in my projects.