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Redbox Brand Gets Atrocious Redesign 

Armin Vit on Brand New:

The old logo was an expected, acceptable, and decent evolution of the original Redbox logo. It sill wasn’t a great logo but it was properly executed and it shed the start-up-y vibe of the first logo. All Redbox had to do was stay the course and slowly implement the 2016 redesign unto the thousands of kiosks all around the U.S.. Instead, only a year after the redesign, they have changed to what is possibly the worst logo of the year.

What. Were. They. Thinking?!

Armin continues:

The way the letters touch is horrible, the slabs are clumsy, the “e” is wonky, and they have made the cardinal sin of the “db” pair, which is spacing them so tightly that they look like a penis.