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Letter from the Wirecutter Team 

The Wirecutter Team:

Today we are relaunching our website to make it easier for our readers to find and buy the things they need. The new site is the result of months of research, design, coding, and—critically—dozens of conversations with readers to make sure we focused on what really matters.


Collectively (and with our own money) Wirecutter staffers have bought thousands of the same products we recommend to you, and we rely on them daily in our own lives and homes.

The new branding and design of Wirecutter has been executed very well. I loved the content of their previous site, but this is a beautiful marriage of form and function. Articles are now responsive, the type is great on the eyes, and finding a category you’re looking for is easier than before. I think they’ve made the site easier for discovery of new things as well.

All in all, hats off to the team. 👏🏽