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Learn CSS Grid 

Jen Simmons:

I am starting to see a bunch of simple introductions, link-baity false-narratives, and weirdly-wrong ideas to creep into the conversation about CSS Grid. They are not as helpful. Frequently they are actually wrong. Let’s please share the best work with each other — not exclusively work done by men because it seems more respectable / more authoritative / more bro-awesome! And especially, let’s not pass around the work published by people who simply copied Rachel’s work, badly, with mistakes.

Jen compiles a spectacular list of suprisingly mostly-free resources to learn all about CSS Grid. You can also keep an eye on the Grid Layout tag, since I’m trying to write as I learn how to use it. If you’re on the fence about learning it, please don’t be! CSS Grid is an amazing tool and will soon make our lives so much easier, opening up new creative opportunities for our layouts.