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Be Kinder to Each Other 

Hui Jing after reading some negative comments on the Update CSS Grid page of the Windows Developer Feedback site:

The world is not a perfect place. Life is not fair. But the matter of fact is, we live in this world together. All 7 billion (and more) of us share this planet. Nobody asked to be born, but we’re all here now. We all have a choice on how we want to behave, and these choices will have an impact on someone else, whether we are aware of it or not.

Microsoft is a big corporation and I’m sure everyone has their own perception and opinion of them. But within Microsoft, every employee is an individual human being, just like you, with thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, in a large corporation such as Microsoft, there will definitely be many internal dynamics and decisions outsiders like us are not privy to. Many engineers themselves probably won’t have the full picture.

What an excellent piece that so eloquently communicates a fundamental truth. The reality is that a lot of us like to bash on Microsoft for their browser issues, but Edge has come a long way. I believe that those developers are trying their best, and all the negativity doesn’t get us any closer to having CSS Grid implemented in Edge.

Instead, vote for the developers to update CSS Grid. You can also vote with your code by shipping sites that use Grid layout. As the saying goes, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.