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Version 5.1.0

Notes on the latest release

I’ve been doing some work on the site, and wanted to loop you in.

Bug Fixes

  • Update protocol on gravatar images (#168)
    Gravatar images were using http instead of https and that weakens the security of the site.
  • Update Bold Report avatar image in head (#171)
    There’s an image that the site passes to Twitter and Facebook when you share something, I’d completely forgotten to update this image with the new orange color.

Development Fixes

  • Switch to Google Analytics tracking code (#170)
    Previously, I was using a service called Segment to serve the analytics I wanted to use. I didn’t get much value from using what is essentially a middleman. I was using Google Analytics with Segment, and now I’m just using Google Analytics straight from Google.
  • Add jTag templates (#172) Since been removed.
    I was really excited to find Brett Terpstra’s jTag and thought it would be the ideal solution for me. I played around with it, and unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work. I’ve filled an issue, and hope Brett is able to look into it.

Site Enhancements

  • Redesign the Topics Page (#169)
    When I worked on version five, I didn’t really pay much attention to the topics page. I decided to revisit this page, and put it in the main navigation. I think topics will help you find more about topics you’re interested in. Working on this page reminded me how much content there is on here about a wide variety of topics.
  • Typogrify (#173)
    I found this great Jekyll plugin called jekyll-typogrify which gives you access to some great filters. One of them allows me to style all caps differently. For example, I can now write CSS, HTML, RSS, etc. without ruining the flow of the line. But that’s only one of the awesome filters it comes with. If you use Jekyll I highly recommend you check it out.

  • Add share buttons (#174)
    For a long time I’ve decided to refrain from having sharing buttons at the bottom of posts. I foolishly felt I was standing for some “moral highground.” I realized I didn’t understand what that so-called highground even meant. Plus, I was reading something on someone’s site the other day, and was frustrated without an easy way to share. So I’ve added sharing buttons. Share away!

If you normally, read via your RSS reader, I encourage you to visit the site today. Send me an email, and tell me what you think.