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It Isn’t Millennials Who Are Entitled 

Rachel Hosie writes on some thoughts from author and motivational speaker Brian Sinek:

And another problem is that we’ve been brought up to focus on having a healthy work/life balance – “the message is correct, but it seems to have been exaggerated and misinterpreted,” Sinek explains.

He believes the pendulum has swung too far the other way – while older generations may have felt chained to their desks, many millennials leave work on the dot of 5pm every day and refuse to answer work calls or emails over the weekend. This attitude is one of the reasons we have a reputation for entitlement.

I’ll be honest, I’m writing about this one just to tell you how utterly and fantastically stupid this is. If as my employer, you expect me to work outside of normal business hours on a consistent basis, the one who is entitled is you.

Employers can’t get away with abuse that used to be considered “part of the job” and the problem is with millennials? As is true with any person of any generation, respecting employees and their time will certainly result in a dedicated and hard-working workforce.