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Five Ways to Automate Your Day One Journal with TextExpander 

Josh Ginter on the Day One Blog:

With TextExpander’s potential in mind, the app becomes a natural fit for creating consistency, structure, and organization inside Day One. I have a plethora of quick Day One-specific snippets to help track fitness, time, reviews, and other personal bits of information I’ll want to draw on again in the future.

Here are five ways (and then some) to use TextExpander to make short work of journal templates in Day One.

There seems to be a bit of a theme here today, eh? If you use Day One like I do, using TextExpander to help you journal is a no brainer. I’ve found that I don’t do amazing things every day that make me want to write about them, but some of these snippets help me write things I’ll then be able to look back on fondly.