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Dropbox Announces New Smart Sync Feature and Collaboration Tools 

Rob Baesman on the Dropbox Business Blog:

As more people work together in teams, the need for storage space grows exponentially. This presents big challenges. But with our new Smart Sync feature, users can see all their files and folders right from their desktop, whether they’re stored in the cloud or synced locally.

Users working with just 128 GB of hard drive space can easily comb through terabytes of files to find exactly what they need—right from Windows File Explorer or macOS Finder. Now, they won’t need to take extra steps—like switching to a web browser—just to view files. And whenever they need to access files stored in the cloud, users can download them with a quick double click.

This is an unfortunate, bittersweet situation. While it’s great to see Smart Sync finally available (what Dropbox used to call Project Infinite), it’s a shame it’s only available for business users at the moment. I’d been thinking of upgrading to Dropbox for Business, but they make you pay for five licenses out of the gate. I’m not about to pay for three licenses I don’t need. I hope they make this feature available for their individual plan soon.