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The Thing about Trucks 

Rob Rhyne explains why he’d take his Mac if he could only take one device with him:

My thinking goes like this: I can borrow someone else’s phone if I need to make a call, but I want my Mac if I need to do any sort of deep thinking. This feeling of personalization runs deep in a desktop operating system. It’s much more than wallpaper, or color schemes. My Mac is loaded with software and utilities that I have written custom for my specific use. I’m not talking about general software development, but scripting, and automation which ease my everyday tasks.

Rob nails it by saying that the iPad-only community seems to be filled with dogma. I personally find myself in a middle ground. I do a lot with iOS—I publish most articles on this site with iOS, in fact—but there are things that I like doing on my Mac. Things I can’t do on iOS by design. As with most situations, do what works best for you.