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A Week (or Two) with Apple AirPods 

Ben Markowitz writing about using his AirPods with his Mac:

I had honestly never thought about using AirPods with my Mac when they were first announced (or even when I ordered them). I obviously knew I could, but I just figured I’d continue using my corded Sony noise-canceling over-ear headphones. I’d had them for a day or two when I decided to try them with my iMac. I knew instantly I would never go back to dealing with corded headphones again. I get up and move around a lot during the day, and the ability to stay connected to whatever I’m listening to anywhere in my house is insanely liberating.

The AirPods are one of those products that surprise. Considering all the delay in getting them out, and the rumors circulating about them before they were on sale, I was skeptical. Yet, I have not heard many negatives on these. I just may have to give them a try.