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Say Hello to Version Five

What's new in the newest version of the site.

2017 is almost here, and as has become customary, I usually address some of the bigger issues with the site on a yearly basis and redesign the whole thing. Except this year, I was really happy with the design of this site, so while it is the next major version of The Bold Report, it’s not a complete rewrite. Instead, it’s a thoughtful iteration on what I felt to be a great foundation. Here’s what changed:

Bug Fixes

  • Remove font-smoothing on footnote popovers - This was super annoying. It looks like the footnotes were using a whole different weight.
  • Display art directed posts nicely in index - I had done stuff that completely messed these up. If you’re curious about art directed posts, you’ll find a list in the archives.
  • Fix the original newsletter idea - I had originally implemented a small thing that would come up from the bottom when you scrolled, but it felt to intrusive. I want you to subscribe because you want to, not because you’re being pestered to do so.
  • Fix lists in blockquotes - Unordered and ordered lists looked terrible in blockquotes. The spacing was all off. Fixed that.
  • Update favicon and apple touch icon - I’ve been using this new orange color on Medium, and really liking it. Decided to make the switch. The Bold Report originally had an orange logo, so in a way we’re going back to that.

Site Enhancements

  • Display byline and date better - Took up a lot of space, and drew the eye way too much.
  • Display tags in a more secondary place - When there were more than three tags, the visual hierarchy was kind of messed up. It didn’t look good. Now I’ve moved it to the bottom and it has more room to breathe.
  • Design a better archives page - I loved the archives page, but it was just a giant list of posts and when you’re already in the hundreds of posts, it just doesn’t feel entirely useful. So the new page has the list, but now has some starting points.
  • Give more priority to newsletter - This solution ended up being deleted.
  • Make 404 more helpful - Check it out. You tell me what you think. I think it’s way more helpful.
  • Redesign Search - This is my favorite new thing. Now you can search directly in the header like before, but you’ll see results right below it. You can still press enter if you want to see results larger, but I think it’ll help you find content easier. Huge shoutout to TJ Draper for helping me with this.

You can view the full release with relevant pull requests on GitHub. If you normally read in your RSS Reader, take a look at the site. Would love to hear your thoughts.