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Switching Back to Kramdown

Quick update on my markdown woes

I’ve written previously on switching to Redcarpet to process markdown. Since then, I was determined to find out if I could do the same thing with Kramdown since it’s already a dependency of Jekyll.1

Turns out, that writing Github Flavored Markdown is super easy with Kramdown. So easy in fact, that I don’t understand how I didn’t figure this out earlier. Here are the markdown-related lines in my _config.yml:

# Markdown Rendering
markdown: kramdown
markdown_ext:  markdown,mkdown,mkdn,mkd,md,mdown

  input: GFM

That’s it! No additional gems to install or nothing. In fact, if you were using Redcarpet, you should delete it from your Gemfile.

Happy Jekyll-ing!

  1. I try as much as I can to minimize the dependencies needed to run this site. This site is for fun at the end of the day, but if I can remove things that do the same exact thing, I want to.