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iPad-only: Month One by Matt Gemmell 

Matt Gemmell after making the iPad his main computer, describes what it was like for him to go back to a Mac:

I went back to the MacBook for five or ten minutes a few days ago to get some files I hadn’t put in Dropbox yet, and I was momentarily unsure how to use it; that’s how quickly the cognitive adaption sets in. There was a feeling of mild anxiety, like when I find myself in front of a Windows machine (just in the sense of something that’s unfamiliar and clearly more complicated than I’m used to). I honestly reached up and tapped the screen to activate something, then I was paralysed(sic) for a couple of seconds, frowning, as I tried to think how I could instead trigger it via the keyboard. It was brief, but it was memorable; I really was lost. Then, of course, I remembered the trackpad. There was also a moment when I saw the arrow cursor in my peripheral vision and my hand twitched, ready to wipe it off the screen.

I’m a huge fan of Matt’s, but parts of this feel melodramatic. Either way, glad he’s found a workflow that works for him.