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Hello Again World 

Jen Simmons:

I worry about Twitter. The company doesn’t care about things I care about. It will do whatever it needs to for the money it wants. It might go away. It might get even worse. By outsourcing our whole means of connecting to each other to a company we seem to agree we hate… we are putting our relationships at risk. So I’m determined to at least start getting away from the monopoly of Twitter by posting to my website. A lot. I’ll setup RSS (or double check that it’s already been setup, or setup multiple options or whatever something better) and I’ll try for the dozen-teenth time to get the CMS that runs this site to connect to Twitter and crosspost in some way. But… all of that is a delay. An excuse to not write until all is perfect. Forget that. I’m posting this. Resetting expectations. Building a habit.

Do we dare to write on our own sites again? Do we dare to not be polished or perfect? Do we dare to ramble for tiny audiences who might not care? I hope that I can dare to do just that. Starting here.

👏🏽 Jen. Twitter is becoming a steaming pile of crap—nay has become. Most days, I wonder what it is that I get out of being on Twitter, and Jen and I are only two of the many who feel this way. At best it’s a way to keep up with people, at worst it’s the breeding ground for harrasment, racism, sexism, and any other vile thing you can think of. And as Jen points out, Twitter doesn’t care. They’ve had plenty of opportunities to say that a line has been crossed, yet that line is nonexistent for them.