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Goodbye ACL

After almost two years at ACL, I’ve decided to move on

My last day is tomorrow, Nov 29. I had so much fun working at ACL, and had the chance to work on some really cool stuff:

  • I worked on adding or improving at least 10 features to Results Manager, which is built on Ruby on Rails. I’ve also helped with our transition to React components.
  • I did most of the frontend for a Chromium embedded desktop app last year built with Angular.
  • I had the chance to contribute to our growing design system, both with smaller fixes and components, as well as larger ones.
  • I was project lead for the ACL Code Guide which is a Ruby Gem that distributes guidelines on how we want to write CSS. So far, it’s already helped other teams without dedicated frontend developers to write better CSS.
  • I helped define the new role of UX Developer at ACL which in other places would be called a frontend developer. The company and individual teams have really embraced this role to help bridge the gap between design and engineering.

I’m so thankful to everyone at ACL for being incredibly supportive of me, and how much they’ve helped me grow. On Wednesday, I’ll head to Miami for the awesome Caribbean cruise we’re going on!

If you’re team is hiring, please get in touch! In the meantime, I’m looking for freelance work, so if you or someone you know needs a designer/frontend developer for a project, you should definitely hire me.