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You’re Doing the Mac Dock Wrong

I found this great YouTube video to change the animation speed of the dock on macOS. Hiding the dock is great for screen real estate, but the animation is slow. Thankfully you can easily fix this with two commands in the terminal. I figured I’d write it out here so it’s easier for you to copy paste.

Open your terminal and paste the following command:

$ defaults write autohide-time-modifier -int 0

This command allows you to enter an integer altering the speed of the animation. It can be any number. Experiment with it until you find the speed you like.

To restart the dock and see the new animation speed, enter this:

$ killall Dock

That’s it! Hope you find this useful!

Update from TJ Draper

Apparently 1 is the default, and 0 gives you no animation whatsoever. So TJ recommends using -float so that you can use a decimal value. -int only accepts whole numbers. Here’s what the command would look like now:

$ defaults write autohide-time-modifier -float 0.2

Much better! The dock is much faster, but there’s still a subtle animation.