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Welcome to Macintosh Season 3 Kickstarter 

Mark Bramhill:

Season 3 of Welcome to Macintosh is the most ambitious season to date. The stories I’m working on require traveling across the country, reporting on events, working with designers — and these expenses add up. Advertising helps, but the money only comes in after the episodes have been released. In the past, I’ve paid for expenses out of pocket and just trusted that things would work out. But that’s not sustainable, and it limits what I’m able to do and what stories I can tell.

Welcome to Macintosh is such a great show, that of course this Kickstarter was funded before I even had the chance to write about it! Still, Mark has put in a stretch goal of $16k which would get us all 2 more episodes for Season 3. Knowing what I know about Mark, and some of the fantastic story ideas he has, it’s in our best interest to make that happen.

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