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Visualizing a Job Search 

Kelly Sutton:

Today, I start a new job at Gusto. This concludes the most comprehensive search I’ve done for a new job. My job search lasted a total of 35 days from start to signed offer letter.


In total, I communicated with 23 different companies to receive 4 offers to make a single choice. During the process, I was rejected 9 times with the remaining conversations fizzling or being cut off by myself.

This is a fascinating post. We’re all used to seeing the conventional “I’m starting a new job” post, but this one is unique in that I’ve never seen a job visualized like this. One thing becomes very clear after reading this: looking for a job is awful and time-intensive.

Still, I would love to see more posts like this. It’s very educational. The idea of using a spreadsheet to keep track of everything is helpful, although I’d assume you could use something like Highrise too. My big takeaway: organization is key if you want your job search to be successful in less time.